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Tired of the same old undifferentiated geometries from molded rubbers? Looking for a way to break out from the same silicone based products as your competitors? Need a 3D printed part with high quality surface finish? Looking for design freedom that can actually be manufactured and withstand actual use? Finally, an Additive Manufacturing solution for elastomers. From wearable electronics to footwear to defense and firearm components and more, the ToughRubber product line delivers a range of Shore A Durometers along with the functional performance for end parts and products.

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Do you spend hours printing a medical model only to have it fall apart the moment someone touches it, folds it or manipulates it? Do you need materials for orthopedic insoles that can withstand more than a month of patient use? ToughRubber resins are tough enough for your application. Most materials strain past 200% and have high ultimate tensile stress. And most materials pass ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 testing for use with products that contact skin.

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Looking to dampen vibration or reduce noise in automotive components? Or do you need bespoke flexible parts that can take a beating in motorsports? Elastic ToughRubber (ETR) is the solution that you’ve been searching for. Closely matching high durometer polyurethanes, ETR has the durability and tear resistance for end use parts.

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With a headquarters in Texas at the heart of the energy industry, Adaptive3D has a strong network and a unique understanding of the deep challenges in energy. There is no other 3D printable material that more closely matches the properties of Nitrile Rubber or FKM than Adaptive3D’s photopolymer resins. For important problems that do not need mass manufacturing, our resins are a good fit. Adaptive3D also works in close partnership with companies to deliver specialized solutions in this space.

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Industrial & Electrical

Additive Manufacturing opens up new opportunities in 3D Electronic packaging with 3D cavity structures and novel internal geometries. Adaptive3D’s proprietary chemistry delivers even greater advantages through its low cure stress and insensitivity to oxygen. From photovoltaics to wearable electronics to MEMS sensors, the potential commercial applications are extremely broad.

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